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Foster homes

Foster homes

By offering these vulnerable children a loving home they start flourishing

Often the home situations of children are so bad that it leaves the social worker with no choice but to remove them from their homes. Many children face an immense amount of abuse and have to deal with being neglected and alone. Because of terrible circumstances, parents simply can’t take care of their children. Due to the major problem of AIDS in South Africa, many children don’t get the chance to grow up with their parents around.

Victory4All has eight foster homes. Each home contains six foster children who now receive love and protection. A few of our main goals for these children is for them to gain confidence in themselves again, to experience God’s unconditional love for them and to realise that He has a plan for their lives. Most of the foster children attend one of Victory4All’s schools.

Phone number: 082 – 856 7290 or 082 – 990 1073