What we do and how it impacts lives

How we achieve this

We believe that good education is essential to escape future poverty. That’s why we want to invest good education in a safe environment into children from a young age.

PlayschoolNoah's Ark 

Investing in the development of children from a young age in a loving environment.

Noah's Ark

Primary schoolKing's College 

Primary education focused on spiritual growth, leadership and overall development.

King's College

Special educationRainbow Centre 

Often they are written off by society, but we lovingly embrace them.

Rainbow Centre

Foster homes

In a loving home traumatised children learn to believe in themselves again.

Foster homes

Skills Centre

Young people with learning or mental disabilities receive training in life and work skills.

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Stroopwafel bakerySoete Swaan 

In this cookie bakery we give young people with distance to the labour market a place to use their talents.

Soon more info…

  • Cape Town
  • Humansdorp
  • Jeffrey's Bay
South Africa

Good education is expensive in South Africa.
Many parents cannot afford this due to
a low salaries or even unemployment.

How it impacts lives

Lots of children in the informal settlements of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp, South Africa, live in terrible circumstances. They face hunger, illness, violence, prostitution, a lack of adequate housing and sanitation etc. Often they lose hope and don’t expect their future to be any better than that of the people around them.

Every day more children are affected or even orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Good education, which will give children a better chance to a bright future, is very expensive and therefore inaccessible for the thousands of underprivileged children.

Victory4All runs different projects which offer the children education of high standard and loving care. This gives them hope of a future without poverty and hardship. The Bible, God’s Word is our standard.