The story of Yamkela (12 years)

Yamkela came to our playschool when she was two

This beautiful young lady came to our kindergarten when she was two years old. She lives with her mother in a shack in the slums of Jeffreys Bay. Her mother can not work for health reasons and has to take care of her daughter and herself with a small amount of child support she receives from the government. Our social worker tries to visit weekly to check in on the mother and provide them with the food if needed. We are grateful we can make a difference in this girls life. Even with her challenging living circumstances, she is committed to being at school every day and is involved with various projects.

Always positive

Although it is not always easy at home, she always comes to school with a smile. She has a tremendously positive attitude and is not the type that is easily brought down. For example, last year, after learning about waste recycling in a project at school, she started working creatively at home to create recycled goods. She will sell the products she made to buy new school shoes! This small entrepreneur has a great sense of responsibility and is serious about her schoolwork. She is a smart girl who easily completes the teaching material.

Yamkela is always quite involved in the after-school projects. Ideally, she would like to participate in all the projects offered. At the moment she is part of the school choir, the bead group and takes part in the catering project. The teacher who offers this project is very impressed with Yamkela’s hospitality and orderly way of working. She is so enthusiastic about this project she tells the teacher exactly what she has done and learned each time.