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Reaching out to children and their families in need

Lots of children in the informal settlements of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp, South Africa, live in terrible circumstances. They face hunger, illness, violence, prostitution, a lack of adequate housing and sanitation etc. Often they lose hope and don’t expect their future to be any better than that of the people around them.

Every day more children are affected or even orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Good education, which will give children a better chance on a bright future, is very expensive and therefore inaccessible for the thousands of underprivileged children.

‘Victory4All’ runs different projects which offer the children education of high standard and loving care. This gives them hope on a future without poverty and hardship. The Bible, God’s Word is our standard.

In addition to the different schools we also organize Bible studies, homework classes and skills training. Wherever possible, we also offer help to the parents of ‘our children’.

The founders, Johan and Astrid Vos, a couple from the Netherlands run these projects, together with a wonderful team of over 70 local and international staff and volunteers. More than 600 children receive good education in a loving environment.

More information

If you would like to receive more information or get in contact with us? Send us an email: info@victory4all.com

Watch some of our videos

King's College (primary school)

Noah's Ark (playschool)

Rainbow school (for children with special need)