Our team

Thankful for all these people

In the past few years Victory4All grew out to a large organization through which many children’s lives are touched. This wouldn’t have been possible without all the people who work so hard to realize this and we are very thankful for each of them. At this moment we have 63 local staff and 12 full-time volunteers. Below you can see who makes up the team and what their role is within the organization.


Johan Director
Astrid Director
Arie Maintenance
Derk Marketing
Derrick Board NL
Heleen Office NL
John Bestuur NL
Kees Board NL
Mirjam Sponsor Programme

Playschool: Noah's Ark

Read more about the playschool
Sharifa Director
Bernadette Teacher
Betsolina Kitchen
Bridget Teacher
Cindy Teacher
Desiree Teacher
Isaak Supportive
Lientjie Teacher
Lindie Teacher
Maryke Language developer
Noseline Teacher
Pearl Teacher assistant
Tina Kitchen
Zola Kitchen

Primary school: King's College

Read more about the primary school
Soria Director
Simone Vice-director
Anice Teacher
Antoinette Teacher
Carla Teacher
Carla Teacher
Catherine Teacher
Elizabeth Supportive
Esme Teacher
Felicity Teacher
Frik Maintenance + transport
Hanricke Teacher
Ian Teacher
Kara Remedial teacher
Laurika Teacher
Lizanne Teacher
Lunga Teacher Religion
Marietha Social worker
Mary Teacher
Maryke Teacher
Maryna Administration
Mazami Teacher
Ode Teacher
Rachel Teacher
Roxzanne Teacher
Ruckia Teacher
Walda Remedial teacher
Wanda Security

Speciaal education: Rainbow Centre

Read more about the special education
Martha Director
Bettie Cleaner
Chantelle Teacher
Cornelius Gardener
Dorothy Kitchen
Elvis Teacher
Eva Teacher
Geertje Teacher
Jaap Teacher
Jenidene Kitchen
Marlyn Teacher
Maude Teacher
Merryl Teacher
Nomsa Teacher
Preancha Administration + Teacher
Rosemary Teacher
Tulisa Teacher
Winnette Leerkracht
Zaida Kitchen
Zelda Kitchen

Skills Centre

Hanka Leader
Derk Group leader
Janny Sewing workshop
Sjoerd Group leader
Ilse Group leader
Carvin Group leader
Robin Group leader
Deidre Group leader