20th anniversary celebration with Neville D

March 2023

The celebration of our 20th anniversary was a great succes! We organised a musical evening in King’s College’s brand new school hall, together with special guest Neville D, a well-known South African Christian musician. The evening had multiple highlights: Johan and Astrid gave a speech to thank everyone and two King’s College High School students told the audience about how Victory4All has influenced and changed their lives. There was a lot of music and singing with Neville D and Pieter, who had come to South Africa with his family, encouraged everyone with a short speech. 

The King’s College students were seated on and around the stage, because at the end of the evening there came a great surprise: Neville D had written a new song especially for Victory4All, that was recorded live at this celebration. The kids had practiced the song all week and were so excited they could finally perform “Groot Ja” (Big Yes). The song is an encouragement to the children that they are more than conquerers. The main theme is that “there’s a big yes on your life, because when God says yes, it will always be a yes!”. 

It has always been our desire that children at Victory4All will feel valuable, loved and special. It was overwhelming and moving to hear every child present sing with great conviction about the “Big Yes” over their lives. We believe that every child, however young, has a purpose in this world, a goal to live for. By offering excellent education, loving care and a safe environment, we want to teach them that they matter, that they have something unique to offer to society and that they can achieve much more than their circumstances may tell them.

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