The first day of school

February 2023

The summer holidays are over and the school have opened up again. Some learners think the holiday should be shorter, because at school they have a safe environment, a predictable day, loving teachers and tasks and goals to work at. When the gates open up on the first day of school, it’s a party for most. The children come running, dancing and singing, ready for the new year with their new teacher. At the same time, new young children who find it a bit scarier than the older kids, come walking through the same gate. The Grade R children are beginning the year at a new school and are blown away by everything that is new and unfamiliar. Of course they’ll be used to their new surroundings within a week, but the first day will always be something scary and exciting. 

Proud Grade R students
Learning new things every day!
Playing outside is always fun!
Everything is so new and interesting

When you sponsor a class at King’s College, you’ll follow these children from Grade R until they leave our school. All last year’s classes have moved up a grade and with them their sponsors too, but the new Grade R classes are still sponsor-less. That’s why we are looking for new families, schools, companies, friends, students, clubs or churches who will take up sponsorship of these sweet toddlers. With R400/$40 a month you’ll help us offer the children in these classes good education in a safe environment.

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