Wanted: sponsors!

September 2022

Noah’s Ark Preschool’s oldest children have turned 5 years old in the past year and will go to King’s College Primary School in January. In the coming weeks they’ll all be tested to see if they’re ready for the big school and just before the end of the year there will even be a graduation ceremony. There they’ll receive their ‘certificate’ and say good-bye to all the sweet teachers that have taught them all the colours, shapes, songs, stories, dances and good manners in the past 5 years.

These little ones will start in Grade R at King’s College, the transition class from preschool to primary school. Here they will still learn much through playing, but the teachers will also focus more on letters and numbers and much more. 

For a little while longer they’ll enjoy being the oldest of the school!
Playing outside is still their favourite activity!
In the reading corner they’re exposed to letters and words, to prepare them for school.
Just like this year, the focus next year will be to learn through playing.
The teachers love to play along too!

They’ll spend the next 8 years at King’s College Primary School. To make it possible to offer good quality Christian education financially, Victory4All has a Sponsor-a-Class programme. This group of children will form the newest classes and they don’t have any sponsors yet. 

Will you give them the chance to a good future by getting involved in this way? Become a sponsor of these children (for R400/$40 per month) and we’ll keep you updated on their development and adventures during their primary school years.

Sipho, Mihlali, Asemahle, Zola and their friends would like to get to know you!

Are you already a sponsor of a class? By sharing this page with friends and family, you can encourage them to become a sponsor too! This is much appreciated!

We also need a lot of stationery for all of the classes at King’s College: new writing books, colouring pencils, pens, storybooks, scissors, glue, pens etc. Your contribution helps to let all the students start the new school year with a new stationery supply.

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