Noah’s Ark Baby Group

September 2022

Victory4All is dedicated to offering as many children as possible, as young as possible, a safe environment. A place at Noah’s Ark Preschool significantly increases their chance to a better future. Enrolment usually started at one years old, but soon we’ll also be able to offer small babies a place

When a child is born into poverty, it automatically starts life with a disadvantage. It has a huge negative impact on the development of a child. They are often exposed to alcoholism, abuse, danger, hunger, neglect, poor healthcare and hygiene and the absence of love. All these factors form their view on life and the world and largely determine their futures. 

Many mothers have to return to their jobs soon after giving birth, leaving babies behind with older children, aunts or neighbours. Because room became available next to our preschool, we’re able to open up a Noah’s Ark Baby Group in January. Here we’ll be able to offer them love, attention and a warm and safe place, to give them a better start at life and to kickstart their development and growth. By stimulating their brains from a young age, by teaching them new things and challenging them in their development, we’ll prepare them for their school years and thereby offer them a chance to a better future. An important part of this is teaching them to dream big and showing them the love of Jesus. 

Teacher Sharifa and her colleagues at Noah’s Ark Preschool have so much love for these little ones!

We already offered young toddlers a place, but with the Baby Group we can take them in when they’re even younger.

We need funds to furnish, decorate and baby proof the space for this new group. We also need toys and other baby items, to offer them the safe and cosy environment they so badly need.