Newsletter 61 – September 2021

September 2021

This mailing is to keep you updated about what is happening within Victory4All and what the (future) developments are.

Victory4All reaches out to poor children who live in the informal settlements in Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp, South Africa. Mainly through offering good education and loving care.
In other words: Giving hope for a good future.


As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have lost a few significant financial partners (about 1/3 of our set monthly donations, 12.000 Euro’s / 14,000 US Dollars / 203.500 SA Rand per month).

It is costly to provide hundreds of children a quality education, life skills training, healthy food and a safe shelter. And the over 80 local staff deserve to receive their (already low) salary.

Without extra support we could get into big problems. Please help us care for the children who are hit hard by the horrible situation and consider an (extra) donation.

Or even better:

Please consider becoming part of the ‘sponsor a class’ program. Donate €30 / $40 / R400 per month to invest in one of the classes at King’s College or Rainbow, following the development of the children through their school years.

Support as a business? We have lots of creative ideas on how you can become a key financial partner with Victory4All.

Please contact Johan if you’d like more information.

We kunnen het ons gewoon niet veroorloven ook maar 1 kind weg te moeten sturen.

The situation really worsened because of corona. It’s chaos in the poorer areas. There is so much more poverty and hopelessness because of lost jobs, lost family members and increased fear. We wish we could adequately explain how the situation in the informal settlements has deteriorated. We simply can’t drive through the area without feeling pain in our hearts.

They too would like to be students at King’s College

The government schools are not allowed to be fully open for all the children because they can’t maintain the social distancing. They don’t go to school every day and are therefore often found roaming the streets. These children built up a tremendous backlog in their education.

Offering hope

We are very thankful that ‘our’ 600 children could still come to different Victory4All schools. Our classrooms are large enough so that social distancing can be maintained all the time. The 85 local staff members work very hard and they give all their love and commitment to the children. In addition to their ‘normal’ teaching load they continuously encourage the children and lend them their shoulder when needed.

Many children come to school hungry, wet and cold and they are very thankful for the meals they receive at school. We have a lot of respect for our wonderful staff.

Children who are too old for Rainbow, our school for children with physical disabilities or learning difficulties, are often stuck with no place to go. At Rainbow Skills Centre we offer them different ways to find their purpose in life, learn life skills and a trade. All of this is to avoid that they will fall in the hands of gangs when they roam the streets.

Woodwork: Robin teaches the youngsters to create beautiful things and together they keep up to date with the maintenance on the different buildings. Jaydwin (19), one of the young men that was part of this group, is a very responsible and handy guy. He recently became the maintenance man of King’s College! We are so proud of him!

Painting: Jaap is teaching youngsters how to process life through art. They make the most beautiful paintings. Sometimes around a topic that gives you goosebumps. These lessons are therapeutic, helping our youth to talk about the challenging things they experience daily.

Hospitality: Zaida teaches how one bakes and cooks the most delicious meals and how they are to be served. This department even has their own small business because people in Humansdorp order their lunches from them. This also teaches the youngsters some business skills.

Stroopwafel bakery: Soete Swaan is managed by Didi and they still bake the most delicious famous Dutch waffles. Orders from all over South Africa poor in consistently. The youngsters work very hard and they are a strong team. They are also taught in how to stand tall in the complicated environment they live in and how to make the right choices. I wish you could hear these youngsters pray!

Needlework studio:  

Wies is teaching how to mend and sow clothes. Together with our students she also made curtains for the Skills Centre. They also create small crafts which they sell at local markets.

Janny teaches crochet and the warm scarfs and socks they made came in very handy over this cold winter. And when these hands are busy the most valuable conversations arise.

Vegetable Gardens: Several large pieces of land near our centres are cultivated by the youngsters and the vegetables are used for the preparation of the many meals consumed in Victory4All. This is a very important skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Every Friday all these departments gather together for a time of prayer and Bible study, seeking to grow in their relationship with God. Only He can give them the strength they need to face their difficult circumstances.

We are very thankful for everyone who helps us to make this possible!

Johan and Astrid and team