Update from Rainbow Skills Centre

April 2019

This year the Skills Centre started off with 16 very enthusiastic mentally challenged youngsters. They love every second of being there and what they are taught. The leaders are the most fantastic people with lots of energy that they lovingly invest in this guys and girls. Those young people often go through horrible things and don’t experience much love in their environment. Our hearts break when we hear them talk about their home situation, parents who don’t care and how they are abused and misused in all kinds of situations. They had little hope for the future but what they are offered at the Skills Centre is life changing for them. If they eventually will find a job is doubtful in a country with such high unemployment rates but that there are people who want to invest in them and where they experience so much love and are taught that there is a Loving Father who will never leave nor forsake them, that makes a world of difference for them. The biggest goal of this training is to make them valued citizens and teach them important life skills. How to interact with others, why you should stay away from drugs and why stealing is a bad idea etc. They also learn how to deal with emotions and how to recognize them in others. All very important things that are totally alien to them.

The youngsters of the Skills Centre went on a camp; a few days with fun and beautiful weather!

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